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i love girls. girls who are tough on the outside, and incredibly hot. girls who can not be stopped. girls who will kill you if you get too close. girls who spit magma and explode with tremendous force. girls who-

no. no wait. volcanoes.

i love volcanoes.




Why can’t there be a male hooter’s equivalent where male servers are shirtless and highly sexualized for their bodies and looks

Male Strip clubs. You’re thinking of male strip clubs.

No. Not a male strip club. A strip club is a strip club. I want a place called Cahones where waiters wear Speedos and are forced to stuff if they don’t fill out their uniform well enough. I want them to giggle for my tips. I want it to be so normalised and engrained in our culture that women bring their daughters there for lunch (because whaaaaaat the wings are good! Geeze sensitive much?) where they’ll give playful little nudges like, “Wouldn’t mind if you dad had those. Heh heh heh.” that their daughters don’t even understand but will absorb and start to assume is just the normal way grown up women talk about grown up men. I want to playfully ask my waiter if I can have extra nuts on my salad and for him to swat my arm with an Oh, you because he knows if he doesn’t his manager will yell at him. I want other men to pretend to like going there so I think they’re cool. I want to go to Cahones during my lunch break at work and when I come back and tell the other women in the office where I went they chuckle slightly and the men around us suddenly feel self conscious and they don’t know why.


This. All the awards for Penelope. Here’s a fairy tale about a girl cursed at birth with a huge flaw in her genetics: the nose of a pig. Forced to grow up hidden away in her home, with a mother who scared her from ever entering the outside world, in fear of people cringing at her face and ridiculing her. She spends her whole life being told by her family that the only way to break the curse is to marry a man, for only another’s acceptance of her face would break the spell. But in the end, she runs away from her wedding, realizing that she doesn’t want to enter a loveless marriage just to break a curse she was born with. She doesn’t need a man to cure her, because she’s perfectly fine exactly the way she is. She finally accepts herself and loves herself for who she is, flaws and all. And that, my friends, is how the curse gets broken. Not by a man, not by true love. But by loving and accepting herself. Ugh, absolute perfection.

SO we were discussing The Wife of Bath’s Tale in class today.

I tried to argue that the ending wasn’t satisfying, but no one agreed with me. And it’s frustrating.

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Hubs and the kids were having a pillow fight. Everything was fine until they decided to cover me in pillows. Baby cried until we took the pillows off and then he clung to me, sucking his thumb.

Apparently it’s scary when Mom is covered in pillows and you can’t see her.


This is my Creative Process Professor….needless to say, my professor is cooler than all of your professors combined.

How to draw a butt. (with variations)





an underwater animal crossing where you play as a mermaid/man who makes gardens out of coral and anemones and make friends with fish and octopus aND SHARKS

I’m sorry it’s rushed but-


coral trees, cave houses, and SEAL VILLAGERS


Animal Crossing: Water World



2 of 3 papers done hopefully they don’t suck too much.

the 3rd one is the one i was dreading so ughhhhh guess i gotta do this

time to give em the ol razzle dazzle

for some reason, this just motivated me to actually do some of the work i need to do………….. lol. “if other people on tumblr can be productive, so can i!”

this is actually fantastic.

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